Facts About Eczema

There is usually a family history of eczema. The most common sites of involvement are the hands and feet as well as. It can be very itchy. Infants and babies usually have it on the face, upper chest, the scalp and neck. The eczema is usually more localized than in the infant.

What Causes Eczema? The cause of eczema (atopic dermatitis) is unknown. It is a genetic disease. It arises from interplay of multiple genes with external environmental factors. The more atopic genes that are present, the less.

What you can to do help – Some known triggers to avoid

Several factors are known to trigger or aggravate eczema, and should be avoided.

Some of these factors are weather conditions as well as air-borne allergens, certain foods, skin irritants, and stress.

Cleansing when you have eczema, you should avoid soaps, especially bar soaps, even ‘moisturizing soaps’ as they will dry the skin and may damage the skin barrier.

Mild soap-free cleansers are best. Soaps tend to be degreasers removing oils that are needed in the skin. Bathing Baths may be better than showers. The water temperature should be luke warm.

Long hot showers are not recommended and should be avoided when possible.

Moisturizing The best time to moisturize is after a bath or shower. The skin is wet and can accept moisturizers far better. Moisturizers have been found to help restore the skin barrier providing a protective layer on surface of the skin to trap water and prevent the penetration of irritants and allergens.

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